We offer students an opportunity to graduate with an Associate of Arts in Biblical Studies after four semesters of study.


We are pleased to offer students this opportunity for costs that are far below what they would have to pay elsewhere. This is due to the fact that we are not an accredited institution (which also allows us to retain more control over our curriculum), and that our faculty are primarily supported through means outside our college, allowing them to forgo a degree of income from student tuition that would otherwise be necessary. On top of our low cost tuition, we have scholarship opportunities for those with demonstrable financial need.

Tuition cost per semester: $1,100.
Total program cost: $4,400.

* We do allow some to audit classes on an individual basis for a fee of $99 per class audited.

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Student Handbook

Our student handbook contains more information about Fort Collins Bible College policies and is a great place to look if you have questions about admissions, grading, student life, and more that isn't answered by our website.