We exist to develop disciples of Jesus by providing them with a solid foundation of truth and equipping them with the tools and resources they'll need for a lifetime of growth and service.

Our Beliefs

I. The Scriptures

We believe all 66 books of Scripture are God-breathed, authoritative, and without error in the original manuscripts. We believe in a literal (normal) interpretation of the Bible in light of the historical context and proper grammar.

II. The Trinity

We believe in one God who has revealed Himself as three Persons: God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit—each distinct from the other, but equal in attributes and essence.

III. Satan and Demons

We believe that Satan is an angel in rebellion against God, and demons are angels who have followed him in his rebellion. We believe Satan and his demons are active in the world today.

IV. Man Created and Fallen

We believe that man was created by God as a human being, and did not evolve from a lower order of life. We believe that man was created in the image of God, and that he fell through disobedience and, as a consequence of his disobedience, gained an inner desire for sin. We believe all people are born into this world as sinners, and are—apart from salvation in Christ—lost and hopelessly doomed to eternal destruction as a consequence.

V. The First Advent

We believe that God the Son, Jesus Christ, was conceived supernaturally by the Holy Spirit and born naturally to Mary. We believe He lived a sinless life and died for sin on the Cross.

VI. Salvation Only Through Christ

We believe that salvation from sin comes by the grace of God alone through personal faith alone in Jesus Christ alone as the One who paid the penalty for sin on the cross. We believe salvation from sin can never be earned by good works.

VII. Eternal Security

We believe that those who are saved from sin on the basis of faith in Jesus Christ alone are rescued forever from the penalty of sin and cannot again enter into condemnation.

VIII. The Holy Spirit

We believe that the Holy Spirit baptizes, indwells, and seals anyone who trusts Christ alone for his or her salvation, and then continues to work in the life of the believer, leading him/her toward transformation into the image of Christ. We believe the Holy Spirit imparts spiritual gifts to each believer for the edification of the body of Christ.

IX. The Ordinances of the Church

A. Baptism

We believe baptism is the immersion of a believer in water and is properly called “believer’s baptism.” We believe believer’s baptism serves as a picture of our death to sin and own resurrection to a new life in Christ. We believe baptism in no way contributes to or offers salvation from sin.

B. Lord’s Supper

We believe the Lord’s Supper is the particular means Christ ordained for the assembly of believers to remember His death and to proclaim the Lord’s death till He comes, by means of the symbols of the bread and the fruit of the vine. We believe the Lord’s Supper in no way contributes to or offers salvation from or forgiveness of sin.

X. The End Times

We believe that according to the Word of God the next great event in the fulfillment of prophecy shall be the coming of the Lord in the air to receive to Himself His Church. We believe that Jesus Christ shall return in power and glory to judge the nations of the earth and to set up His millennial kingdom. We believe in the bodily resurrection of believers to eternal life and the bodily resurrection of unbelievers to eternal punishment. ...

Fort Collins Bible College is a ministry of Fort Collins Bible Church.

We are located at the northeast corner of Drake and South Taft Hill Rd in Fort Collins, Colorado.

2550 S Taft Hill Rd,
Fort Collins, CO 80526

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Our Faculty

Brad Maston

Brad is the pastor of Fort Collins Bible Church and teaches the Bible Interpretation classes at Fort Collins Bible College.

Brad and his family have served the Lord in many different capacities. He has worked teaching the Bible in South Korea, served outreach missions with at-risk youth, and has been a youth pastor to two Korean congregations. He received an MA in Biblical Theology at Channel Islands Bible College and Seminary and was mentored and built up at Holly Hills Bible Church. Brad is passionate about the clear teaching of God’s word and building up Christian leaders. He is a board member and adjunct professor at Chafer Theological Seminary. He is also an adjunct professor at Scofield Bible Institute where he completed his Ph.D. in Jewish Studies with a focus on intertestamental literature. For nearly a decade, Brad has been involved in Camp Arete, which has a mission of teaching and encouraging young believers in middle school and high school. Pastor Brad’s messages can be heard daily on Grace Global Radio. He also heads the Fort Collins Bible Church Biblical Training Program which makes seminary-level education available to anyone accepted into the program entirely free of charge.

Wes Tucker

Wes plans to share his passion for the lost at Fort Collins Bible College through teaching courses on personal evangelism and world religions.

Wes Tucker is the director of Front Range Ministries, a Ft. Collins based outreach to international students from the Middle East and related countries that have come to Front Range campuses for an education. After living and ministering to the North African population in Lyon, France for 16 years, Wes and Gerti Tucker returned to Colorado in 2004 and continued with a passion to share their hope and faith in Jesus Christ with people from similar cultural backgrounds as those in France.

Jacob Heaton

Jacob Heaton teaches the Bible Framework and discipleship courses at Fort Collins Bible College.

He and his wife Amanda pastor Front Range Bible Church in Denver, CO. They have three sons: Titus, Bakker, and Daniel. Jacob attended Frontier School of the Bible where he received a Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies. Jacob is currently pursing a Master of Messianic Studies through Tyndale Theological Seminary, and a Master of Theology through Chafer Theological Seminary.

E Dane Rogers

Dane Rogers is the pastor of Tacoma Grace Bible Church.

After graduating from the University of Victoria, British Columbia with a B.A. in Hispanic and Italian Studies, Dane moved to South Korea to teach elementary and middle school English at EiE: Korea University's preparatory academy. He then continued his graduated studies (MBS) at Chafer Theological Seminary while living and working in Korea before returning to the USA in 2021, where he began pastoring Tacoma Grace Bible Church in Washington state. Dane is now working toward his ThM at Chafer, and recently joined the faculty of Fort Collins Bible College. Bible study recordings and other study materials of his are available at edanerogers.com and tacomagracebc.org

Ben Coleman

Ben manages the system infrastructure for Fort Collins Bible College and teaches our Bible Survey and Apologetics courses.

After graduating from Frontier School of the Bible with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Biblical Studies, Ben moved on to obtain both a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration and a Master of Accountancy degree from Colorado State University (CSU). He has served in several organizations, such as the Holland Rescue Mission and Frontier School of the Bible, gaining experience in nonprofit accounting and systems. He works full time in software development and consulting, and also is also teaching in adjunct capacity in the accounting department at CSU. Ben and his wife Holley have a passion for using their gifts in ways that grow them and others.